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November 1, 2010

US Study Discovered Plasticizer BPA may Cause Male Infertility

The controversial plasticizer bisphenol A (BPA) has been used in the lunch boxes, baby bottles and other plastic products for decades. As the material had been implicated in male impotence, it was dubbed as a “sex changing chemical”. According a report issued by the British “Daily Telegraph” on 28, Oct., “a latest study published on the United States magazine “Fertility and Sterility” shows that bisphenol A can also reduce sperm motility and quality, thus leading to male infertility.

BPA can interfere with human’s endocrine system, leading to abnormal secretion of hormone. There were early studies has found that BPA is relevant to low sexual desire, impotence, as well as sperm DAN damages. While a latest 5-year study found that the BPA levels in blood has direct correlation with men fertility.

Researchers in The Oakland Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in Oakland, USA took a survey among 514 Chinese workers and found that men with higher urinary BPA levels, who occurred with the risk of lower sperm concentration, and poor vitality increased 2-4 times. In addition, men in USA with lower BPA levels in the blood to the average level in USA, whose fertility will be affected greatly, too. 

The major charger of this new research, Chinese genesiology expert Li Dekun (phonetic) , MD said: compared with men whose urine had no BPA, men with higher BPA level occurred with the risk of low sperm concentration and lower livability may increased by 3 times, and the sperm quantity decreasing risk may increased by more than 4 times, and the risk of sperm vitality decreasing may increased 2 times.

MD Li Dekun warned that everyone should try to stay away from BPA, BPA may hurt women’s reproductive too, which may add the incidence of various types of cancers or new type metabolism diseases. 

According to some authentic reports, the U.S. and Canada have banned the use of BPA presently.

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