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July 28, 2010

Watch baby’s food

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Hi, little baby! watch the bottle which you drink.

      Nowadays with the rapid development of economy, the standard of people’s living level is ever increasing, especially those new born babies. As is known to all, the child is the future of nation, so parents pay great attention to baby’s health, but recently, parents have began to find that food which is used to feed baby are threatened  by plastic which can cause great harm to baby’s health.

      An Auckland mother says she found a piece of plastic in her daughter’s baby food.

      She is now considering a boycott of all Wattie’s products.

      The woman said she bought a 170 gram jar of Wattie’s Moroccan Lamb baby food from a Countdown Supermarket in Upper Hutt while on holiday there last week.

      She was upset to find a piece of plastic, about the size of a 10 cent coin, in the jar when she was feeding her eight-month-old daughter Sophia on Sunday night.

      “I thought it was a piece of onion because it was clear but then realised it was actually plastic.”

      Though Sophia did not swallow the plastic, the woman was concerned that residue from the plastic may have seeped into the food when it was heated in the microwave, because her daughter vomited soon after consuming the product, forcing her to seek medical advice.

      The woman said it took three attempts to contact someone at Wattie’s. She was told the company was unsure what the plastic was or how it got into the food. Wattie’s said it would send her a voucher that could be used to buy any Wattie’s product, the woman said. “I think it is a big safety issue. I could easily have put it [the plastic] into her mouth.

     “I just want Wattie’s to check their products properly and I want to warn people that they need to be careful as this could happen to them.”

     Wattie’s general manager of quality Paddy O’Brien was surprised to hear of the plastic find.

    “Baby food – we obviously treasure our reputation there. We don’t have many issues at all with baby food. We have all the sophisticated systems we can get to try and stop this sort of thing happening.”

     Wattie’s would need to send the bit of plastic to the factory in Australia where the product was made to find out exactly what it was.
     A  lot of measurement have been put to investigate this thing which apprears in baby’s stuff.Hopefully, everything will be checked out.

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