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February 18, 2013

Global Bioplastics Production in 2013 will Double

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According to words of Harald Kab, the Secretary-General of the European Bioplastics Association, who recently said that by the stimulation of biological polyethylene plant began operation, in 2013, the global bioplastics production should be 146 tons / year, nearly four-fold of the current production.

Kab pointed out that the world’s first bio-polyethylene industrialized device, which currently are under construction by Brazil Braskem will be put into operation this year, In addition, I think that some manufacturers from other countries with rich sugarcane production will also to use this raw materials, to invest in the construction of biological polyethylene and polypropylene equipments.

According to remarks of European Bioplastics, the association predicted the global bioplastics production in 2013 will reach 1.46 million tons / year, which was based on two aspects of the forecast, which is compostable bioplastics production from 409,000 tons in 2009 / year748,000 tons / year up to 2013; non-compostable bioplastics production in 2013 increased sharply from 2009 when 2.5 million tons / year to 715,000 tons / year.

Brazil Braskem will be put into this plant which can produce bio-polyethylene 200,000 tons / year into operation by the end of this year. At the same time, Braskem’s also has established research partnerships with Novozymes, the two sides will be developed to research of polypropylene production with cane as raw material .

Kab said recently: more and more bioplastics will appear in areas of packaging, films, shopping bags, mobile phones and beverage bottles and so on. We have already seen that the PET bottles of Coca-Cola uses bio-plastic, Tetra Pak is also seeking to use bioplastics. Of course, the current bioplastics cost is still higher than ordinary plastic products, which will usually passed on to consumers, but i think most consumers are willing to pay this part of the premium.

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